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Hey girl!!! It's been soooo long! OMG! I am just now seeing your comment, which you left on March 12th 2015. I don't have a FB or a Twitter. I have an Instagram. Do you have one by chance? Or a Tumblr? hit me back. I'll check back here more frequently.I'll PM you with my IG handle if you have an IG account. Wow, this place is truly dead. No funeral, just...dead. Ha ha.

Posted by Butterface89 on Apr 8, 15 1:56 pm

BABE!!! i'm still here!!! How ya doing? I hope you see this someday xD Sorry for answering so late, I'm really sorry about it. Would u like to find me on fb or twitter to keep in touch? @PYDNickJonas or fb/VolkovaSmiler

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Mar 4, 15 1:00 am

Hi! How is everything going? I haven't been back here in about a YEAR! So crazy. How are you? How is Little Rock Creations going? Well, I hope! I hope you get this message! Talk to you soon?

Posted by Butterface89 on Jun 1, 12 11:04 am

haha I know! xD
Sorry I leaved for a moment but I'm Back... it's just that I lost my laptop so know I can't make graphics... :'(

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Aug 14, 11 1:45 am

Haven't talked to you in SUCH a long time! Are you still alive? Dude, where are you ?

Posted by Butterface89 on Mar 25, 11 4:40 pm

to u sweetie..I haven't been here, but woow... :]
love ya

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Dec 9, 10 8:03 pm

Hi! Thank you for the graphic comment if ib haven't thanked you already:D happy holidays:D

Posted by Butterface89 on Nov 28, 10 3:23 pm


Posted by Butterface89 on Nov 28, 10 3:21 pm

oh yeah I remeber, when I took my image I was with my lips red.. but they didn't look as I was wating for, so i edited... i like it more as now

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Oct 25, 10 10:26 pm

I upload the image here http://paocursevolkova.createb log.com/photos/photo.php?id=59 521 with a jonas brothers someone ask me for... I loved it i swear!...actually i was going to go to the jonas brothers showcase here in emxico, but my mother didn't let me go¬¬ it was so fucking expensive, and i was like "well it's ok I don't know some songs, so I think it will be bored" but I saw it in a page they were "in real time" I was so excited i swear i sing all songs..and after the show i was like "ooh fuck It was great why I didn't beg for go" lol xD...well back to the point IDK whats wrong with my photobucket it is set as public ¬¬ but well there is the URL I upload it here http://paocursevolkova.createb log.com/photos/photo.php?id=59 521 I dont remember what else to answer so I'm leaving lol xD.

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Oct 25, 10 10:25 pm

One more thing: Do you have your photobucket set to "private" by chance? That could take people to the main menu instead of to graphics. May be why it took 'me' there twice.

Posted by Butterface89 on Oct 25, 10 9:22 am

Hey girl! Oh that's a BONG to smoke weed in. You're talking about the red thing in my mouth. Well actually, it's not "my" mouth; it's just a picture I have up here for my profile. Your lips are pretty red, too! Ha ha:D

I want you to copy and paste the address you gave me to photobucket in a new window. If you do that, it will not take you to the graphic. I tried twice in Google Chrome, which I'm using now, and then I tried in Internet Explorer 8. Idk what's happened.

As far as CB, I think the most important thing now is how the layouts "look". Try to find a BLOCK button on ANY of this person's layouts. I counted 25 layouts without the block button.
http://www.createblog .com/myspace-layouts/36319-scr apbook-creativity

It clearly states in CB rules that all Myspace layouts MUST have a block button or they are automatically rejected.


Also , I've been working on making my layouts look better. I have not submitted anything here in over 1 month I think but I'm still curious somewhere.

Listen, I will tell you what I know about coding layouts if you still want me to. I should not have told you no because I don't think I know what I'm doing.

Let me know what you want me to do. xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Oct 24, 10 9:25 pm

oh the image is this one http://i226.photobucket.com/al bums/dd43/PaoCurseVolkova/who- owns-my-heart-lyt-rted.gif hope u can see it now

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Oct 24, 10 7:56 pm

amm no. well i know if christy doesn't like miley she will reject... I lived it with a avatar ¬¬... and I guess, here the thing that matters is how creative and how u know the things u do, i mean I have seen lots of lyt and images from artist or guys that people doesnt always know, at least me, I think here the thing that really matters is our creativity [i guess not for christy and TR].

about your profile´pic. is a girl [i guess its you] in your room [or it looks like that] I can see your "linkin park" poster [nice group] u are just with a tshirt and i guess its underwear. .. I don't know.... blah!

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Oct 24, 10 7:56 pm

Hi! I'm so glad to hear back from you! Girl, I'm new to making layouts myself! Idk how to make images look "that" crisp on my own but I'm 'dabbling' in some things to try to achieve the look. But layout with GIF images? Well, I would think maybe if the images were black and white, but color images probably need to be in PNG format or they just look ...weird.

The link you gave me sent me to photobucket but not to your page there. It kept telling me 404 Not Found. Idk why because the links worked before. o.O

You said there was something "red" in my mouth but you cannot "see" my mouth because I don't have any profile picture up. Maybe you were looking at someone else's page. ha ha:] I have a red heart inside a circle as my picture. Maybe you saw that?

As for trying to follow Gabby's layouts, your best bet would be to just Christy what she's looking for right now in layout styles. I mean, if you make a Cyrus layout but she doesn't LIKE Cyrus, it will get rejected.

And me personally, no offense, but how many Cyrus layouts have you seen recently on CB? Here's a hint: They're going to reject it. Ha ha.If you don't believe that, submit it:DD

You're too funny, girl ^_^.

Posted by Butterface89 on Oct 20, 10 9:10 pm

by the way... I saw your profile pic and I wanna know what is the red thing on your mouth?...sorry if I sound a little bit inoccent....

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Oct 20, 10 5:04 pm

I can't see it... but I'm absolutly sure its great, I saw just a little piece :/ but I liked it (L)....I was working with a div overlay [learning from schizo's [gaby] page] of "who owns my heart" new's miley cyrus song, I guess after the t.A.T.u. separation, I'm in love with miley's music. about the div. I created it with parts of the video in the background [as the "pump it up" schizo's lyt] It didn't work...the image looks like "horrible crops" and "horrible gifs" I was in love with the idea, and i loved the disegn but i guess i have to change the gifs for normal images... look, maybe you like them, and if you know how you can help me to make the lyt looks great with gifs I'll love ya hehehe http://s226.photobucket.com/al bums/dd43/PaoCurseVolkova/?act ion=view¤t=who-owns-my-h eart-lyt-rted.gif look!

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Oct 20, 10 5:00 pm

Girl, I finally put up one of my layouts and I'm really...relieved. Check it out:
http://www.whateverlife. com/viewDocument.php?doc=15803

Posted by Butterface89 on Oct 18, 10 5:32 pm

lol :] thnks for your comment!
I have not much to say but thnks!...actually I'll create a new page with html. not flash, just because I guess It's more easy and I need a gallery to my page...I hate the photobucket gallery I swear, I need like categories! u know what I mean? and I cant put the "Coppermine Photo Gallery", that is the one that everybody use on their websites Just because I can't edit php or html on my wix site... so I'll change so I'll upgrate myself lol!...but thanks for your ammmm....uush I don't know how to say consejos lol! like comments or IDK... ok just thnks lol xD

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Oct 16, 10 6:51 pm

Okay I just saw it! I think your site looks really good! I like it a lot! You "do" have a lot of material up there. That's good:DD Congratulations!

I still feel that your graphics look much better than mine and mine would probably bring your website "down" but I do have about 5 or 6 new layouts that I've never submitted before. I plan on submitting them to Whateverlife.com in 1.0 and then to Iconator in version 2.0.

But I feel like you are more interested in my being a co-owner of this than making graphics or layouts. Am I right? That's what you are the most interested in? Hit me back and be honest. ha ha.

P.S. I can tell you what I know about the 1.0 DIV but I don't know anything else. Also, I suggest tutorials like the link I posted the other day. Those look very professional and you can change some things to give it your own style. They provide you with materials to make them.

Also, WHO is your "target" audience for this business? Young girls, teens, adults? Who? I'm just curious. If it's for younger girls, they like a lot of "collage", bulletin board, and Polaroid stuff, lots of bright colors, and and animations, ect. That's just an example. Personally, I think my stlye might be suited more towards younger teens but who knows? ha ha.

Posted by Butterface89 on Oct 16, 10 9:57 am
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