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I sent you a friend request on Insta. I haven't checked back here for a while. This place I beyond dead. I'll talk to you on Insta :)

Posted by Butterface89 on Dec 15, 14 6:02 pm

i don't know dude.. I've been looking and I've come up empty. I'm starting to look for graphic design jobs online but I'm not updated to these new fads.. responsive websites and stuff. Technology is always changing. I need to add you somewhere just in case they delete this website altogether. Tumblr? - barbiebones Instagram? - AshleyR_ford

Posted by ScriptedLove on Aug 9, 14 11:59 pm

Yeah this whole thing sucks gorilla balls. no one is here and I feel like I'm walking through a graveyard when I come here. I'd really like to work on and submit some new layouts. But I see they haven't even processed any submissions since 2012. Well, are you still doing layouts and if so, where are you submitting? If you have another place would you mind if I submitted, too? Ha ha.

Posted by Butterface89 on Feb 1, 14 5:52 pm

I didnt know there were volunteers that approved layouts.. : hm..
I have no idea where the owners/co-owners are. I would contact them and take over if I had the choice. This really sucks lol.

Posted by ScriptedLove on Nov 21, 13 11:47 am

You're sweet. Listen, maybe we can revive this place somehow. I'm really itching to make layouts on here, too. I haven't had the time for a while but I need to do some coding or I'm going to go crazy. You know, it looks like even the fans of the site who used to rush to see the new layouts are gone. No more "20,000" views in a single day-now it's like "1,000", if that. If there was a resurgence of lots and lots of new layouts on here I bet people would come. They'd need to accept new layouts everyday or at least once per week. Where are the volunteers that used to approve the layouts? Any word on them?

Posted by Butterface89 on Oct 25, 13 5:44 am

Its getting a lot of press though. I feel like you need to be compensated in some way. Thats messed up! I've been wanting to but I sort of stopped. I just downloaded adobe after effects and its so hard to use.. I cant get photoshop on this laptop either -__- I really want to make more layouts on here but this place is so dead. I wish we had another community to submit to.. :( Thank you u_u! I dont think Im THAT great. Not really listening to music. Just watch Skins and Game of Thrones. (The music in Skins is awesome).

Posted by ScriptedLove on Oct 18, 13 9:32 pm

Hey there chica! Long time no talk! Thanks so much for the warning/message about my profile pic. It doesn't really matter anymore because when something goes up online, it's up forever. I can't really do anything anyway. Are you still working on designs? You are so freakin' talented. Please don't stop what you are doing! Heard any new bands lately? any good sounds? If so, let me know, please ! Kiss kiss!

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 10, 13 4:07 pm


Posted by ScriptedLove on Aug 4, 13 9:21 pm

whats your tumblr?

Posted by ScriptedLove on Mar 6, 13 12:43 pm

Hey girl! Ah, you're more ythan welcomed in regards to the layout comments! Your layouts are so amazing- the pleasure is all mine:D HAPPY THANKSGIVING! You must be on break now! That's great!
Yes, CB was. Dead but I guess the dead has risen? Ha ha! Xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Nov 25, 10 9:57 am

La-la-love game? Wheres my comment bitches?

Posted by Butterface89 on Nov 25, 10 9:51 am

lol! hey! thanks for those comments you left me on my i love lucy and my dunks layouts. Yeah, ive long gone left this stupid website because they reject good ideas/layouts and accept crappy ones. the community has gone to shit and has become some retarded ass communistic bullcrap. ;] anyways thanks again! lol, i dunno where the original picture went because people like to steal. i had another one i submitted and someone stole the image i made and made a crappier version of it using comic sans and shit and posted it on their myspace. someone told me about it and i had to curse the girl out. (that was 5 years ago) i dont go on myspace anymore. nor do i go on livejournal.. just tumblr.. :/

Posted by ScriptedLove on Nov 13, 10 9:16 pm
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