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I wish I can submit some of my old xanga layouts and preview them (I know you were able to preview layouts while creating them on this site. )

Posted by thefreespiritedone on May 7, 15 10:00 pm · History

BABE!!! i'm still here!!! How ya doing? I hope you see this someday xD Sorry for answering so late, I'm really sorry about it. Would u like to find me on fb or twitter to keep in touch? @PYDNickJonas or fb/VolkovaSmiler

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Mar 4, 15 1:00 am · History

cleaned up spam.

Posted by micron on Jan 18, 15 1:51 am · History

i don't know dude.. I've been looking and I've come up empty. I'm starting to look for graphic design jobs online but I'm not updated to these new fads.. responsive websites and stuff. Technology is always changing. I need to add you somewhere just in case they delete this website altogether. Tumblr? - barbiebones Instagram? - AshleyR_ford

Posted by ScriptedLove on Aug 9, 14 11:59 pm · History

I didnt know there were volunteers that approved layouts.. : hm..
I have no idea where the owners/co-owners are. I would contact them and take over if I had the choice. This really sucks lol.

Posted by ScriptedLove on Nov 21, 13 11:47 am · History

Its getting a lot of press though. I feel like you need to be compensated in some way. Thats messed up! I've been wanting to but I sort of stopped. I just downloaded adobe after effects and its so hard to use.. I cant get photoshop on this laptop either -__- I really want to make more layouts on here but this place is so dead. I wish we had another community to submit to.. :( Thank you u_u! I dont think Im THAT great. Not really listening to music. Just watch Skins and Game of Thrones. (The music in Skins is awesome).

Posted by ScriptedLove on Oct 18, 13 9:32 pm · History


Posted by ScriptedLove on Aug 4, 13 9:21 pm · History

I'm sorry for responding like 20,000 years later but I rarely sign onto this site anymore. As you can see, it's like a ghost town so there's not much of a point to be here. How've you been though?!

Posted by manny-the-dino on Apr 1, 13 1:20 am · History

whats your tumblr?

Posted by ScriptedLove on Mar 6, 13 12:43 pm · History

Yep, it's dead. I'm only on here right now because I was bored and wanted to flick through the forums for shits and giggles. If you wanna stay in touch, check out my tumblr - starksnark.tumblr.com = and drop me a line :)

Posted by Firiath on Jan 27, 13 5:33 am · History

Hi! Yeah, I kind of am. Intermittently. =P When I remember to check this site.

Posted by zanattack on Nov 28, 12 9:28 pm · History

This place is indeed dead. When it will acutely shut down is a mystery to us all.

Posted by AbbeyMarie on Nov 22, 12 3:39 am · History

haha I know! xD
Sorry I leaved for a moment but I'm Back... it's just that I lost my laptop so know I can't make graphics... :'(

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Aug 14, 11 1:45 am · History

what the heck?...what is wrong with these people these days?!
hope you're alright though, and no damage was done ):

why thank you dear; it's Caleb from Kings of Leon ;D

Posted by Snaily on Jul 29, 11 12:58 pm · History

Hey Lana!
My 4th of July was fun. Went with my family to watch LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders match. How was yours?!
As far as the layout goes, we don't have a Myspace 3.0 choice enabled but we'd accept it, granted the coding is done correctly so just submit it if you'd like.

Posted by manny-the-dino on Jul 18, 11 4:32 am · History

aww nothing :T
nothing exciting happend on the 4th. how bout you?!

Posted by Snaily on Jul 10, 11 7:45 pm · History

^^ I know.

Posted by zanattack on Jul 9, 11 8:28 pm · History

Yeah, haha. I was kind of worried it wouldn't get accepted there for a bit. >.> But it's Mario, and you can't go wrong with Mario. ^^ And thanks for the comment.

Posted by zanattack on Jul 6, 11 2:41 pm · History

-lol- Why's that? And I had Tokyo Rose for the other layout I got accepted, I do believe. ^^

Posted by zanattack on Jul 5, 11 12:05 pm · History

i know right lol

Posted by YungSwaqq on Jun 29, 11 10:41 am · History

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